Dead To Me Season 3

Created by Liz Feldman, Dead to me is a classic black comedy tv show. The series premiered on Netflix in may 2, 2019.

The Plot of Dead To Me

Dead to me is the story of this friendship between Jen and Judy. Jen is a real estate agent whose husband recently died. She’s a real estate agent who resides in Laguna Beach, California. She is still in the process of recovering from the grief of losing a loved one by therapy, exercise, and other methods.

As per the Synopsis of Dead Me Season 3, she often utilizes anger as an outlet for her emotions to emerge. She then meets Judy one day who’s at exactly the same grief support group where Jen goes. Jen mourns for the deceased husband who was murdered in a hit-and-run case. Judy tells Jen that his husband died of a heart attack. However, in actuality his spouse is living. He’d divorced Judy since Judy was the hit-and-run driver.


  • Christina Applegate coming as Jen Harding
  • Linda Cardellini reprising her role as Judy Hale
  • James Marsden will be back as Steve Wood and Ben Wood(Steve’s identical twin brother)
  • Max Jenkins returning as Christopher Doyle
  • Sam McCarthy reprising her role as Charlie Harding
  • Luke Roessler will be back as Henry Harding

Release Date

The second season of Dead came on May 8, 2020, on Netflix. The next season was conducted for ten episodes which ranged between 26 and 34 minutes.

Now let us discuss what we know so far. In July 2020, just two weeks after the premiere of this second season, the first network gave the green light for the Dead To Me Season 3 and the final season of the dead to me.