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An Airbnb welcome letter might help you win over visitors even before they arrive at your house. While it may seem magic, many hosts attribute their success to a welcome letter. A well-written welcome letter can assist in establishing a favorable first impression. Additionally, it will portray you as a hospitable host.

Are you interested in learning how to write a welcoming vacation rental welcome letter? Continue reading to find out!

What is the purpose of an Airbnb welcome letter?

Hosts send a welcome letter on Airbnb to their guests. It disseminates critical information about their vacation homes and significantly improves the tourist experience. It should include all of the information you want to give your visitors about their stay.

A strong guest messaging strategy is critical to delivering an exceptional visitor experience. A vacation rental welcome letter is critical to the guest communication process. It aids in:

• acquaint visitors with your vacation rental

• give information that will enhance their comfort and enjoyment throughout their stay

• convey property-specific instructions and how-tos;

• provide ideas and proposals for activities.

A fantastic welcome letter should be informative yet approachable. Avoid using rigid, formal language. Additionally, avoid using negative words that may come out as harsh and judgmental. Rather than declaring, “No smoking permitted inside,” state, “Please smoke exclusively outside.”

What Should My Airbnb Welcome Letter Contain? 

It’s a good idea to design a detailed welcome letter with all the necessary information for your visitors. Discover what information you’ll need to compile to make an Airbnb welcome letter template.

• Location and Directions

Bear in mind that your visitors may have never visited your city or town before. It may be somewhat perplexing to traverse a new location (particularly if you’ve just arrived after a lengthy flight or train travel).

By providing instructions with your street location and door number, you can assist your visitors in finding your rental. Include instructions to and from the closest airport and rail and bus stops.

• Check-in and Check-out Procedures

In your Airbnb welcome message, provide advice on how to check into your apartment. This section contains information on locating your keys and the code for any Airbnb lockboxes or smart locks. Additionally, provide clear directions for checkout (including the checkout time and any special requests for checkout).

• Household Regulations

While you’ve probably included your home rules in your selling description, not all visitors read listing descriptions. Incorporating your house rules into your welcome letter is an excellent approach to guarantee they are read.

• Instructions for Using Wi-Fi

Upon arrival, your visitors will almost certainly want to connect to Wi-Fi to check their messages and notify friends and family that they have arrived safely. By including your Wi-Fi network and password in your Airbnb welcome letter, this may be accomplished with minimum effort.

This section of your letter may be used to highlight any important facts concerning your Wi-Fi. Is the Wi-Fi signal stronger inside or in certain areas of the house? Now is the moment to inform your guests to prevent any future complaints.

• Appliance Operating Instructions

Never presume that your visitors are familiar with the operation of your equipment. When these are typical goods, your visitors may be unfamiliar with your brand or may attempt to utilize them while weary or jetlagged. Prevent unpleasant surprises by leaving clear instructions on using any main appliances in your rental. This can help you avoid possible calamities and visitor complaints.

• Contact Information for You

You must provide contact information in case visitors need to reach you. Whether an emergency occurs or your visitors just have a question, you should make yourself as accessible as possible.

You should provide a contact telephone number, either international or domestic, as well as an email address. Remind your visitors that you are accessible if they want assistance or have a query. This may reassure your visitors that they have nothing to fear while portraying you as a thoughtful, caring host.

How Can I Stand Out With My Airbnb Welcome Letter?

While you may see people arriving and departing, keep in mind that you may have new guests who have never stayed with you before. You don’t want your visitors to have a typical stay at your property; you want them to have an unforgettable experience.

Going the additional mile and customizing your message may transform an ordinary visitor experience into something extraordinary.

• Always address your letter to your visitor by name and express your wish for a pleasant journey to their destination.

• Provide some background information about yourself and your profession.

• Mention a few of the rental’s highlights (easy access to transport, walking distance to a landmark, etc.)

• Mention some hobbies and things to undertake that are personally meaningful to them. If a family has booked your property, suggest some kid-friendly activities, or if it’s a solitary traveler, suggest the finest neighborhood breakfast eatery.

Some air B&B owners will like to lay all of this out in an easy-to-access and high-quality photo book. It’s a great option if you’re managing premium properties. You can also look into wholesale photo book printing if you have multiple properties. It’s a cheaper way of getting multiple high-quality photobooks. These photo books make a better impression on your guests when they first arrive and make for the ultimate welcome package.

Personalizing your Airbnb welcome message for each visitor ensures that each guest has an amazing experience. Creating an appealing letter with an attention-grabbing style will help inspire your visitors to read the whole message.

When Is the Appropriate Time to Send the Letter to My Airbnb Guests?

Rather than an Airbnb confirmation message, some owners send a welcome letter once a visitor books their apartment. Other hosts choose to send their letters closer to the day of the guest’s reservation. It is entirely up to you as a host to choose the optimal moment to send your welcome letter.

If you opt to send your letter soon after booking, bear in mind that by the time visitors arrive, they may have forgotten the contents of your message. However, if you email it just before they arrive, they may miss it due to travel.

You have the option of digitizing your letter and including it in an Airbnb welcome email. It is best to submit it at least one week before the booking date. Additionally, a printed copy of your letter should be kept at your vacation rental, so visitors may re-read it after checking in. If you want to leave a physical copy, position it in a prominent location, such as by the front entrance or kitchen table.


Effective management is also critical to delivering an exceptional visitor experience. Vacation rental software may help ensure that your company continues to function effectively even when you are not online.