• Know the reason behind CM Punk accusing WWE Superstars
  • CM Punk has left no stone unturned in praising the star of NXT.

Pat McAfee continues to be a center of attraction for pro wrestling fans these days. The best promos of NXT Superstars are also making considerable headlines. He even managed to impress former WWE World Champion CM Punk.

CM Punk has praised McPhee while keeping his weight on the other superstars on the NXT roster. Even Punk said that at the moment, McAfee is giving the best promos not only in the NXT but in comparison to all the WWE Superstars.

CM Punk, referring to promos by NXT superstar Pat McAfee, said that other WWE superstars should be ashamed of themselves.

CM Punk said in his tweet, “McAfee is benefiting from the current situation but other WWE wrestlers should be ashamed of themselves. It’s the bitter truth that McAfee is giving the best promos in comparison to the entire WWE roster.”

CM Punk was also asked whether Pat McAfee should become a full-time pro-wrestling performer.

Responding to this, he said, “It makes no sense why he should become a full-time performer. He is achieving great success without performing.”

Punk has also praised former NXT Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley while replying to another tweet.

Pat McAfee’s future in NXT

Pat McAfee has fought only one match so far, against Adam Cole in NXT TakeOver: XXX. He has so far played the role of being the leader of the team named The Kings of NXT.

He has also been a radio host before and the same thing is helping him in giving good promos. Now his team will face The Undiscussed Era at the NXT TakeOver: War Games.

It will be interesting to see in the future whether McPhee is seen performing in the ring with good promos or not.