Claymore Season 2

Claymore fans have been watching Claymore for 14 years and are now curious about Claymore season 2. It was the most loved action anime series of the past decade.

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The action anime was a hit with viewers, who were left wanting more. Is there a sequel for this action anime? Even after so long?

These are the details.

Claymore Season 2: Overview

Claymore is a Japanese anime that features dark fantasy adventure and action. It was written by Norihiro and illustrated by. Madhouse, a popular animation studio, picked up the story to create a TV anime series.

Claymore Season 1 premiered in April 2007, with 26 episodes. The series received positive reviews. Ratings of 8.8/10 by IMDb, 7.8/10 from

Claymore Season 2 is coming soon. Keep watching. Stay tuned for the next section.

Claymore Season 2 Renewal status

Claymore’s debut season aired on April 4, 2007, with 26 episodes. Each episode was approximately 23 minutes in length. The series’ main attraction was its uncertain nature and the fights.

Claymore Season 2

It became a popular show and enjoyed a large fan base. Many fans are requesting the next season, but producers have not responded.

The production house didn’t even consider renewing the anime series despite being successful. After all these years, Claymore Season 2 has almost been canceled.

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Claymore Season 2: Who would play in Season 2?

The following cast member will be available to you if the season is renewed. Here’s a list of all the main characters of the series.

  • Clare: The anime’s main protagonist. As the Quarter-Yoma, this is the only Claymore who has ever taken blood from another Claymore.
  • Raki: Raki in English means Lucky. He has brown eyes and messy hair. A scar is located beside his right eye. Clare is his opposite.
  • Milia
  • Galatea
  • Jean
  • Priscilla
  • Flora
  • Rubel
  • Teresa
  • Helen
  • Deneve

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