On the final day of the first Test being played against England in Chennai, Indians were on the verge of making history. But it seems that now they will just be rubbed. Their hands will remain empty for victory. We are not just saying this, but are looking at the latest pictures coming out of the 22 yards area of ​​Chennai.

On the last day in Chennai Test, the game till the first session i.e. lunch is over. By this time half of India’s team pavilion has returned. That is, 6 of his batsmen have returned to the pavilion on the field. While chasing a record target of 420 runs during this time, India’s scoreboard is connected to just 144 runs. This means that victory from India is still 276 runs away.

India’s Batting Increased On Such A Decisive Day

India chased a record run chase at Chepak Stadium and started their game on the 5th and decisive day ahead of the fourth day by 39 runs for 1 wicket. Puja and Gill appeared to accumulate on the wicket and also gave a winning feeling. Everything was going well, then a ball of Jack Leach went around so that the turn of the match started. Pujara was dismissed after scoring 15 runs. Captain Virat came to support Gill when Pujara went. The possibilities were still there. The way Gill had tied the base of the base, it was not known that India would be caught in the whirlpool of difficulties.

Anderson’s Noise, India Weakens

Gill completed his half-century but could not continue his innings beyond this. Because as soon as England captain Root hit the ball to Anderson, Gill’s gills napped and India’s tension increased. In the same over which Gill’s gills were measured, he also blew Rahane’s bails in the same over. This was the fourth blow to India’s hopes and the reason was James Anderson.

Brisbane Heroes Also Left ‘Virat’ Together

After 4 shakes, Pant landed on the ground to support the Indian car, which hesitated. Laga Virat will be supported by this Brisbane hero. But Anderson did not leave them either. After juggling with Captain Root, he sent Pant to the pavilion. Captain Virat, standing at the other end, was watching this scene of his team. His worries were further heightened when Brisbane’s other hero Sundar also did not support him and got caught in the googly of the base.

With Virat, Hope From Ashwin

Now Virat is completely alone. They got Local Boy R. Ashwin has got support, to see how long he can play. At the moment, the target of 420 runs seems to be far-fetched.