Summary: MOVPKG files are used to play high-resolution video and audio files on Apple Music or Apple TV. MOVPKG files are downloadable in some cases but cannot typically be played on regular players or devices. This article provides detailed instructions on how to convert from movpkg to MP4 and also introduces a method to directly download Apple TV+ videos in MP4 format.

Have you ever encountered the frustration of downloading Apple TV+ videos only to find them saved as movpkg files, unable to load on Apple TV for viewing? Or perhaps you purchased songs on iTunes only to have them saved as movpkg files, ultimately needing iTunes or Apple Music for playback? It’s disheartening when despite purchasing content, you can’t load it into DJ software or music production tools, isn’t it?

Many might wish to convert movpkg to MP4, compatible with various devices, but the bottom line is that you can’t convert movpkg to MP4. In this article, let’s organize basic information about movpkg and explore methods to save Apple TV+ videos as MP4 files.

What is movpkg file

The movpkg file is a high-resolution, lossless media file developed by Apple unlike mpd ファイル. Inside the movpkg file, you’ll find .frag, XML, and .m3u8 files used to play content on Apple devices.

Characteristics of movpkg files:

  • Allows for enjoying lossless audio and video.
  • Typically encrypted and can only be deciphered by Apple products.
  • Can only be played on Apple devices or Apple-related applications.

Differences between movpkg and MP4:

  • movpkg: Developed by Apple | MP4: International Standards Organization (ISO)
  • Encoding: movpkg utilizes codecs like ALAC or Dolby Atmos, while MP4 uses H.264/AVC or H.265/HEVC, among others.
  • Device Compatibility: movpkg has low compatibility, mainly restricted to Apple devices, whereas MP4 has higher compatibility across various devices.
  • Copy Protection: movpkg files are consistently encrypted, whereas MP4 files may or may not have encryption based on the file.

Movpkg Files Cannot Be Converted to MP4?

To cut to the chase, typically, it’s not possible to convert movpkg files to MP4. Here, I’ll explain three reasons why movpkg files cannot be converted to MP4.

Reason 1: Different Codecs

movpkg files and MP4s use different codecs, making conversion impossible. Codecs are programs used to encode video and audio. They encode the files for viewing on PCs or smartphones. While movpkg files are encoded with ALAC or Dolby Atmos, MP4s are encoded with H.264/AVC or H.265/HEVC, among others.

Reason 2: Inclusion of Metadata

movpkg files contain data linked to metadata (such as video titles, cast, music playlist names, or artwork). Converting to MP4 might affect the video or audio, potentially compromising quality due to this metadata alteration.

Reason 3: File Encryption

Essentially, movpkg files are encrypted to only play on designated devices or platforms. For instance, Apple TV+ content can only be played through the Apple TV+ app with an Apple ID login or the Apple TV+ browser version. While technically decryption could allow viewing, bypassing copy protection is legally prohibited.

​How to Directly Download Apple TV+ Videos in MP4

The StreamFab Apple TV Plus Downloader Produced by dvdfab 無料 is a software that allows you to download movies and shows from Apple TV+ in high-quality 1080p resolution with Dolby Atmos sound, converting them into MP4 format. Once downloaded to your computer as MP4 files, you can play them offline on any device, even without an Apple ID. Additionally, you can burn them onto DVDs or edit them using video editing software.

You can freely adjust subtitles and audio settings, providing peace of mind even for Apple TV+ content heavy on English. With a success rate of 99%, you can also download multiple videos at once. Since they are in MP4 format, you can transfer them to your iPhone and save them in your Camera Roll after downloading them to your computer.

Steps for Using StreamFab Apple TV Plus Downloader:

  1. Launch StreamFab Apple TV Plus Downloader and tap on the Apple TV+ icon.
  2. Log in to Apple TV+ in the browser that opens.
  3. Search for and analyze/configure the video you want to download.
  4. Begin the download process.

User Reviews and Reputation Regarding movpkg Files

Upon investigating social media platforms, I found the following user reviews and sentiments regarding movpkg files:

  • “It’s difficult to handle movpkg files, so I turned off the lossless setting and repurchased through iTunes.”
  • “I hate that songs purchased on Apple Music come in as movpkg files… it feels like a nuisance.”
  • “The handling of the library with movpkg is quite troublesome.”
  • “What exactly is movpkg? Probably just a container, but…”
  • “It’s disappointing that songs purchased on iTunes in lossless format end up as movpkg files.”
  • “I bought songs on iTunes, but since they’re in movpkg format, I can’t load them into my DJ app.”
  • “The AAC tracks imported from CDs are automatically replaced by movpkg files.”
  • “After downloading lossless files on Mac, they’re in movpkg format, and on iPhone, they’re AIFF. I wish it were the other way around!”
  • “I used to be able to load songs purchased on iTunes into my DAW, but suddenly I can’t anymore. What’s movpkg?”

It seems like users are expressing frustration and confusion about the inconvenience and limitations associated with movpkg files, especially in their interactions with various applications and platforms.

Q&A About movpkg Files

“How can I save movpkg files from Clipbox+ to my Camera Roll?”

As mentioned in this article, movpkg files usually have copy protection, making it impossible to save them directly to the Camera Roll. If possible, try initially saving the video or audio as MP4 or MP3 and then attempt to save it to your Camera Roll.

“How do I convert movpkg files from Torumir to MP4?”

The video extension used by Torumir is movpkg, which can’t be directly dropped into the Camera Roll on an iPhone. Similarly to Clipbox+, consider downloading in a different format from the start.

“Can I convert movpkg to MP4 on an iPhone?”

In theory, if there’s a conversion app compatible with movpkg, you could convert it. However, apps like Clipbox or Torumir store files in their internal cache without downloading them to the device itself. Even if you use a conversion app compatible with movpkg, there’s a high chance it won’t be able to access the file in the first place.

“How can I convert movpkg files from Apple Music to MP3?”

You can use downloading software that supports Apple Music. MusicFab Apple Music Converter, for instance, allows you to download music from Apple Music in lossless quality and convert it to MP3, WAV, FLAC, M4A, and other formats.


movpkg files are high-resolution lossless media files downloaded from services like Apple TV+ or Apple Music. Typically, these files can only be played after logging in with an Apple ID into Apple’s services. (Although there’s an iPhone app called AVPlayer that supports playing movpkg files, encrypted files cannot be played.)

If you want to convert movpkg to MP4, consider using the StreamFab Apple TV+ Downloader mentioned in this article. It uses advanced technology to convert streaming Apple TV+ videos to MP4 and allows downloading to a computer for playback on various devices like smartphones, tablets, and gaming consoles.