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Want to place the best bets on soccer online? So, you’ve come to the best online betting website. If you don’t know where to start, CoinPlay Football will help you in this exciting world of online betting.

Here you’ll find all the information you need to get started with online betting with Bitcoin. We are experts in online sports betting in Europe.

Bitcoin is the future of online gambling

If you haven’t figured it out yet, Bitcoin is the future of online gambling. BTC gambling and betting are becoming so successful that it could become one of the first markets where this currency is used on a regular basis. We have a few recommendations when it comes to bitcoin gambling and in today’s article, we will explain how to properly bet on this type of sport with cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin in football betting: why it is profitable

No doubt, with Bitcoins, the player has the opportunity to touch the future; It is no secret that technology is ahead of its time. But it is already known that this cryptocurrency has obvious and tangible advantages:

  • Anonymity: your personal information remains undisclosed, even to online casinos
  • Economy: The bitcoin blockchain provides faster and cheaper transactions compared to traditional transfers.
  • Independence: Internal restrictions become useless because cryptocurrency makes you a citizen of the world.

How do I bet with bitcoins?

To bet in Bitcoins, you need to create an account on an online gaming platform that supports betting with cryptocurrencies such as CoinPlay. It accepts Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, moreover, you can deposit your regular currency and make changes at the betting website.

If you decide to bet even with meme cryptocurrencies such as Doge, or Shiba, we recommend choosing CoinPlay, because we supported it even from the very beginning. CoinPlay is a great website with modern and full-featured software that we like to bet on, we have tried many of them and its functionality is absolutely the best among every other crypto casino. Moreover, when we want to withdraw our bitcoins or any other crypto, CoinPlay does it instantly.

So, to bet with Bitcoins, we need to create an account on CoinPlay website and make the first deposit into our wallet. From there we will have a bankroll for BTC/ETH/USDT/SHIBA bets. Everything works exactly the same way as in bookmaker’s offices with non-digital currency but more faster and secure.

Here is a small step by steep:

  • Create your account using the links in the top box.
  • Check the confirmation email.
  • Make your first deposit.
  • Place bets on available markets.

How to use Bitcoin for sports betting and not lose your money?

Since your cryptocurrencies are not directly deposited into any kind of bank account, you will have the sole responsibility of knowing how best to store your Bitcoins. You will have several options to do this, from buying a cold wallet, storing bitcoins in a hot wallet, or even having your cryptocurrencies stored at an exchange or even a betting site.

Currently, although it is not recommended to any player, you can even store your cryptocurrencies and bitcoins in wallets belonging to the betting site itself. However, since you never own these cryptocurrencies in these cases, it is best to transfer your bitcoin from online sports betting to a bitcoin wallet that only you have access to.

Fortunately, the step-by-step process for this is more straightforward, as you will only need to know the key of the bitcoin wallet to which you want to send the payment. However, pay special attention to the address you enter. If you fail something, even if it is just a letter or a number, you seriously risk losing your bitcoin completely. All worries are not enough, as you can see!

What competitions can I bet on in soccer with Bitcoin?

Another of the basic steps in soccer betting is to choose a competition to bet on. We believe that the first thing to decide is not the strategy, but the tournament. Many bookmakers provide weak lines for betting. On the other hand, at CoinPlay, we have thought of everything beforehand. And we give you an opportunity to choose almost any tournament. At CoinPlay Football, you can choose any sports line you wish, because we are providing only the best services for our customers. We offer ranked competitions as well as lower leagues.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best soccer betting site?

While there are many online betting sites that provide players with great betting opportunities, our detailed analysis showed that there is one best at the moment. We recommend CoinPlay, as it’s the best live soccer betting site.

What are the most popular soccer betting markets?

Some of the most popular betting markets that players on the best soccer betting sites use include final results, outcomes, both teams’ score results, correct scores, and more/less than 2.5 goals.

Do soccer betting sites have an app?

The vast majority, yes, we can conclude that 95% of betting sites have betting options on your computer as well as on your phone. Betting sites have apps and they work on both Android and iOS. Just browse your device’s app store and download it.