Bacterial Takeover Codes & Cheats 2021 (Tested & Working)


Looking for Working Bacterial Takeover Codes? The idea of a bacteria or virus taking over the world may feel familiar to us. We’ve been stuck in a pandemic for more than a year, where we’ve seen the devastating effects that come along with the spread of a microorganism. Normal human beings would want to curb the spread as much as possible, but what if you’re a mad scientist who is eager to take over the world with bacteria that you’ve created and mutated? 

Bacterial Takeover Codes

Such is the concept of a few popular mobile gaming apps that revolve around infecting worlds or universes with microorganisms. The end goal of most of these games is to eradicate the inhabitants of the world. One such game is Bacterial Takeover, and in this article, we will be compiling a list of Bacterial Takeover Codes- to help make your gaming experience more efficient. 

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Bacterial Takeover Codes & Cheats 

Like any game, codes for Bacterial Takeover provide free resources that a simple redeeming process can claim. These codes offer in-game material like Diamonds, Bacteria, and Gene Strands that help enhance and accelerate your game. Since developers give these codes at no cost, they are trendy, and people try to hunt them regularly so that it doesn’t expire. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of working Bacterial Takeover codes in 2021 that you can use. Make sure to take full advantage of this article and be the genius mad scientist that this game aspires for you to be! 

Bacterial Takeover Codes

What Is Bacterial Takeover?

As the name suggests, Bacterial Takeover is a game in which you can choose a range of bacteria to take over the world. It’s a free-to-play game where you are a mad scientist who’s hell-bent on destroying the universe using infectious bacteria. The main goal of this game is to infect the whole universe without letting anyone live. There are eight available resources to make this possible: bacteria, gene strands, evolved bacteria, nanobots, scientists, diamonds, dark matter, and minerals. You can collect bacteria by tapping on the screen.

Bacterial Takeover

There are also various planets available that you need to invade and your resources for a favorable outcome to the mad scientist in you. There are currently many popular games that have similar gameplay, like Plague Inc and Infection Bio War.

How To Download Bacterial Takeover Android and iPhone 2021?

Bacterial Takeover can be quickly downloaded onto your mobile device by following these steps:

  • Open your AppStore on iOS or Google PlayStore on Android 
  • Type’ Bacterial Takeover’ on the search bar
  • Tap on the download (provide authorization for the download if on iOS) and launch the app by pressing on it once it’s on your home screen.Bacterial Takeover Mod APK

What Are Bacterial Takeover Apk Mods?

Apk mods are modified apps that can be downloaded via the internet but are not available on official app stores. These apps are tweaked or broken in such a way that features that may have been under a paywall, or unavailable are added by side developers to create a new gaming experience. Instead of constantly hunting for Bacterial Takeover codes, you can also choose to download an apk mod that gives you unlimited in-game currency and other materials in bulk. Keep in mind, though, that since it’s a third-party application, security for your data and device safety is not guaranteed.

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Steps to download the apk mod:

  • Go to
  • Scroll down till you see a ‘Download’ button in green; tap it
  • Once the app has been downloaded, then go to your settings, then general and security; allow installation from unknown sources
  • Now tap on the downloaded app from your notification screen, and it will automatically install 
  • You can then launch the app as usual from your device home-screen

Active Bacterial Takeover Codes List July 2021

Codes Items
exile Evolved bacteria
Dahliastear Gene strands
the thing 10 Diamonds
ATLANTIS Gene strands
murkat 10 Diamonds
Unicellular organism 10X current bacterias
Do i see diamonds 15 Diamonds
Bye earth 3X current gene strands
Is it salmonella 10X current bacterias
I want gene strands Gene strands
Igor is awesome 10X current bacterias
Hello 10X current bacterias
newprofilepic Evolved bacteria
grimmjow 10 Gene strands
healer 10 Diamonds
agony Evolved bacteria
thinkmark 20 Gene strands
berserkforever Evolved bacteria
bones 60 Gene strands
phantomtroupe 10 Diamonds
blackpink Evolved bacteria
mgla 180 Gene strands
Athena 10 Diamonds
excalibur 10 Diamonds
greece Evolved bacteria

Expired Bacterial Takeover Codes

Not all Bacterial Takeover game codes will have similar expiry periods. The length of a codes usability depends from code to code. Sometimes the claiming of a code depends on the number of people who have gotten to it before you. There is currently no method to use expired codes in your game.

Where Are New Bacterial Takeover Codes Posted?

The best place to come across free Bacterial Takeover codes for resources such as Diamonds, Bacteria, and Gene Strands are the various social media profiles of the official game. According to the Bacterial Takeover website, the codes will not always be glaringly obvious.


They are sometimes hidden or unrevealed and require a bit of hunting to uncover for us. Apps and websites that include secret codes are Game Wiki, Twitter (@BacteriaTapper), Facebook, Reddit, Instagram(@bacterialtakeover), Discord, YouTube, and the Bacterial Takeover homepage. 

You can visit their official homepage from here: click here

How To Redeem Bacterial Takeover Codes

One can quickly redeem Bacterial Takeover Codes in the app for you to receive the benefits. The method to claim the codes is simple and only requires you to open the app from your device. There is no need for any external linking or websites, which makes it safe to use. 

Steps to Redeem Codes: 

  • Launch the app and go to settings via the icon on the top left corner of your screen
  • When the pop-up is visible on your screen, click on ‘Space messages.’
  • Enter your codes in the ‘Enter code here’ section and make sure there are no typos, although codes are not case sensitive 
  • Tap on the ‘Send’ button, and your rewards will reach you in-game instantly. 

Note: You can redeem only one code every 12 hours. If you have used a code, you will be required to wait for that period before entering another code in space communications.

FAQs | Bacterial Takeover Codes

Where Can I Play Bacterial Takeover? 

Bacterial Takeover is a game that was developed for Android and iOS mobile users. You can download it from the AppStore and Google PlayStore.


Is Bacterial Takeover Free To Play?

Bacterial Takeover is an entirely free-to-play game, and you do not need to make any purchases to download and install the app onto your device. 

Is Bacterial Takeover A Safe Game? 

Bacterial Takeover is available on the official app stores and is safe to use and download. Players of the game have not noticed any troubles on their devices after installing the app.

Closure | Bacterial Takeover Codes 2021

Games like Bacterial Takeover have been around since pre-covid times, but they have gained a lot of exposure recently due to the pandemic. People have always been interested in large-scale extinction-level events that will wipe out the earth’s population, as preparing for future calamities is a basic human instinct. This had lead to the development of games catering to that need.

While having cheat codes to improve the current situation would be great, we can only provide you with Bacterial Takeover codes to use in the virtual world. We hope these codes are of use to you and you enjoy spreading or curbing virtual disasters! If you have any questions, let us know in the comment section.