AWB Onesky Reflector Telescope Review | Unbiased Review


We as a kid always wanted to grab stars and play with them. To fulfill that dream, the most important thing is having a Telescope, but unfortunately, our dreams get limited to the tiny one gifted to us in childhood. There are a handful of reasons like price, features, and many more that stops us from grabbing the Telescope we had been craving for. While searching for an easy and feasible Telescope, I came across Astronomers without borders (AWB) Onesky Reflector Telescope. And so I present to you an unbiased Awb Onesky Reflector Telescope Review.

AWB Onesky Reflector Telescope Review

Telescopes are amazing, they let us look at the revolving stars, planets-their rings, and much more. AWB Onesky Reflector Telescope alleges to be the easiest setup Telescope. Let’s find out together whether it works well or just bombasts like the other optical products present in the market.

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AWB Onesky Reflector Telescope Review

Astronomers Without Borders is a nonprofit organization that aims at bringing people with the same interest in astronomy together. As their motto specifies: One people, One sky. They believe that despite having lots of boundaries we are the same as we are under the same sky. They raise funds for many of the astronomy events aiming to make astronomy a common interest. The profit they earn from developed countries is used in the welfare of those countries which are still developing.

AWB Onesky Reflector Telescope is a manual Telescope. That means it doesn’t come up with a GPS function. It won’t find the celestial body by itself, you’ll have to set it up. And, that can be an annoying thing(only if you don’t know the procedure) But it is best if you want to learn the twists and turns of the telescope.

Features | Astronomers Without Borders Onesky Reflector Telescope

AWB in partnership with Celestron has blessed us with this feasible and amazing optical instrument. Let’s check out what does it serves us with.



It comes up with the Dobsonian alt-azimuth mount that can be easily set up and dismantled from any handy table. The integrated handle present in it makes it easier to carry from one place to another.


The truss tube helps in bearing the equal amount of flexure resulting in optics being in the common optical axis. Its truss tube shrinks to 14.5″ from 24″ to make it easily storable and portable.


The parabolic mirror at f/5 with 130mm gives the view of planets, deep-sky objects like galaxies, nebulae, star clusters, etc.


It only weighs 14 pounds making it easy to transport.

Vixen-style dovetail rail plate

It gives the proper stability to the Telescope. Even they can stay balanced while moving forward and backward.

Red-Dot finder

They are also called zero magnification finders. They have their own illumination. The Red Dot finder of this telescope is having a window aligned at 45° to give a proper view.

It also consists of a 1.25-inch helical focuser that can bear the heavyweight of eyepieces and two eyepieces of SMA 10mm and 25mm.

AWB Onesky Reflector Telescope| Set-up

You’ll get almost everything aligned properly in a large box. All you need to do is set-up a Red Dot finder to get the perfect view. Also, it can be mounted on any desirable flat surface.

How Does AWB Onesky Reflector Telescope Work?

This telescope uses a Red Dot finder having a window aligned at 45° to point the desired target in the sky. When the virtual image of light emerging from the Red LED superimposing sky is seen, then only the object could be seen at the center of the low Power telescope field.

AWB Onesky Reflector Telescope|Observation Of Sky

With the AWB Onesky Reflector Telescope not only the moon, even Jupiter and its moon can also be observed. This telescope blesses the stargazer with the view of planets, star clusters, galaxies, and nebulas.

FAQ| AWB Onesky Reflector Telescope

Here I’m answering some of the most frequently asked questions.

Do I need a tripod to mount it?

No, there’s no need for a tripod as it comes with a Dobsonian mount which means it can be set-up on any flat table.

Can I see the sun through the AWB Onesky Reflector Telescope?

Observing the sun through it can be very dangerous, as when the rays converge on the primary mirror, it can lead to a severe eye injury. For observing the sun safely, the front end should be covered by the certified solar filter material and the tube should also be covered to block the sunlight.

How will I get it; in parts or wholly assembled?

One of the customers told us that they got it in a large box, completely assembled, the least they had to do was setting up a Red Dot finder. 

Cessation| AWB Onesky Reflector Telescope Review

As I am closing this review of the Awb Onesky Reflector Telescope, the features of this telescope are really impressive. One of the best things about AWB products is that the profit earned by them is used in the education and development of the developing countries of the world.

They provide us best at the least price. Also, it is best for beginners as they can learn the basics of the telescope through it. With this AWB Onesky Reflector Telescope, you can accomplish your dream of looking at the sky, planets, galaxies, and much more.