Anne With An E Season 4

Anne with an E is a Canadian series that people across the globe have come to love. Whether it is Anne and Gilbert’s kiss or the moment when Anne realizes she looks like her mother, the show has made space for itself in people’s hearts. It is one of the most popular shows from Canada. The show took home the ‘Canadian Screen Award for Best Dramatic Series’ twice. Anne with an E is an adaptation of Lucy Montgomery’s novel titled Anne of Green Gables. The creator of the show is Moira Walley-Beckett.

Release Date Of Anne With An E Season 4

Here comes the sad news, unfortunately, according to the show’s creators the show lasted for only 3 seasons. This means there is no Season 4. But looking at the immense fan following of the show Moira Walley is thinking about another season or a final feature film. Amidst this speculation, CBC and Netflix have decided to end their contract due to internal conflicts and diversion in creative methods. The CBC does not agree with the ways of Netflix and has decided to place Canadian interest as the top priority.

When fans heard about this, they were upset. They decided to place an online petition for the renewal of Anne with an E. As of this moment, the petition has collected 1.4 million signatures. Fans have even gone far as to put up billboards with their own money.

Seeing this effort fans hope that the show comes back. For example, in the past to campaigns could bring shows back like Sense 8.

Plot Of Anne With An E Season 4

Anne with an E unveils a coming of age period drama in which Amybeth McNulty plays Anne. The show is about an orphan Anne who is adopted by Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert who are her elder siblings. The series displays her journey from being an orphan to adjusting her life and growing up to eventually going to college with Gilbert(Lucas Jade Zumann) her love interest. Additionally, the fight between social stigma and issues attracts viewers to the series.