• Know which superstars Roman Reigns brother attacked?
  • This week SmackDown started by Roman Reigns and Jay Uso.

The first episode of SmackDown after Survivor Series was awesome. These episodes revolved entirely around Roman Reigns. Jay Uso and Roman Reigns debuted the show this week. Jay Uso first came and talked about Roman Reigns. Then Roman Reigns also entered and gave a great promo.

Roman Reigns showed his anger

Jay Uso looked quite angry and as usual Roman Reigns also rebuked him earlier. Roman Reigns stated here that he did not have Jay Uso to defeat Drew McIntire in Survivor Series. He also asked Uso to go home after their match but he did not listen. Roman said how would he honor his family or Roman Reigns if he did not respect Jay.

Jay Uso was shocked after hearing all this. Roman Reigns left the ring after this. Otis stalked him while Jay Uso was going backstage. Because of this, Jay Uso became more angry. Later at ringside, Jay Uso beat Otis badly with a steel chair. Otis was injured.

A good match between Sammy Jane and Daniel Bryan was seen after this. At the end of the match Sammy Jane went backstage and the count was continued by the referee. During this time Daniel Bryan also went backstage to find him. Sammy Jane went back to the ring as soon as 9 counts. In this way he won. But backstage it was shown that Jay Uso badly injured Daniel Bryan. Kevin Owens tries to stop him and he succeeds. Later, Jay Uso left after the officials and Kevin repeatedly asked.

Later Kevin Owens also challenged Roman Reigns and Jay Uso. Jay Uso and Kevin Owens match. Both appeared quite angry during this time. Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman were also watching this match. There was a moment in the match when Jay Uso attacked Kevin Owens with a steel chair. The match ended with DQ. Kevin Owens wins via DQ. After the match, Jay Uso again attacked Kevin Owens, but he failed. Kevin Owens beat Jay Uso badly. Roman Reigns also went backstage angrily.

Now this storyline has become tremendous in SmackDown. Now Kevin Owens has also appeared in the storylines of Jay Uso, Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan. Something new is going to happen next week in this storyline.