Starz’s ‘American Gods’ Season 3 returned using its 4th episode on January 31, 2021. The episode kicks off with the arrival of the Orishas in America. The Orishas are the gods and goddesses of Yorubaland. These ancient deities are worshipped by people who’d been forced into captivity. At the introduction, we meet Oshun, Yamoja, and Aye.

Bilquis’ flat is covered with blood. On the other hand, the blood doesn’t belong to her. Technology Boy suffers from a couple of crossed wires and electronic scrambling. Later, it is revealed through safety footage that Bilquis managed to take down a few of her attackers before being removed by Bill Sanders’ men. We also understand that Bill Sanders isn’t a powerful tech mogul. He’s, in fact, the billionaire philanthropist who’d released Levitech computing systems. Technology Boy dissuades Shadow from rescuing Bilquis without him. In the end, he wants help in de-scrambling himself.

Well, after the 4th episode,’ American Gods’ Season 3 is now gearing up to release its 5th event. And here is everything you want to know about it.

American Gods Season 3 Episode 5 Release Date And Time

‘American Gods’ season 3 episode 5 is slated to premiere on February 14, 2021, on Starz, at 8 pm ET and 7 pm CT. The upcoming episode was postponed as a result of the Super Bowl that airs next weekend. Season 3 consists of 10 episodes.

Where to Stream American Gods Season 3 Episode 5 Online?

The show is available to flow on the Starz site and the Starz app. Starz also will come with a seven-day complimentary trial interval. But if you have cut the cord and don’t have cable access, then you can watch American Gods’ Season 3 to the numerous cable-free, live-streaming platforms such as Directv, YouTube TV, Sling TV, and Fubo TV. Otherwise, you can buy or lease episodes on Google Play, Vudu, and iTunes.’

Each of the published episodes of American Gods’ are now streaming on Hulu! To watch the series, you merely need to add Starz to some Hulu program for an additional $8.99/month. Again, both the previous two seasons of American Gods’ are currently available for rent or buy on Amazon Prime Video. After their premiere on Starz, fresh episodes should land on the platform thereafter.

American Gods Season 3 Episode 5 Spoilers

The 5th episode is known as ‘Sister Growing.’ The episode might follow Shadow as he makes it clear he will be away for a while to be with his dad. There should also be a detailed conversation between him and Marguerite Olsen. But until today, Marguerite has no idea about the depths of what Shadow is presently dealing with. Several important issues form the basis of the relationship and this should be the focus of the future incident.

On the other hand, Laura will try her very best to track down Wednesday. Episode 5 needs to observe a variety of those characters landing simultaneously in precisely the exact same spot. Hopefully, this episode provides us an option to dive deeper into the myths surrounding the story. You can also see the promo for episode 5 under:

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