The news of the PUBG Mobile India game launch has once again caught up. Many claims are being made that this game is to be launched in India today i.e. January 19. The claim of launching the game caught fire when the company launched its official trailer on 1 January.

Now people are constantly speculating about the launch of this game and millions of gamers are waiting for its return in India. Along with this, a video went viral on YouTube, which said that PUBG Mobile India can be launched between 15 to 19 January. Earlier reports had claimed that PUBG Mobile India could be launched in the second or third week of January.

How Much Truth In-game Launch Claims?

Now it comes to know how much truth is there about the launch of PUBG Mobile India today? So PUBG has not officially given any information on this matter. In such a situation, we can say that this game is not being launched at the moment.

Apparently, the Indian government had banned this app with the Chinese smartphone app, after which PUBG Corporation has announced PUBG Mobile India and it has been made completely for the Indian market. Apart from this, the privacy and security of Indian gamers have also been taken care of in the game. There has been a lot of craze for this game in India and the interest of the people is constantly on the return of the game.

A Game Designed Specifically For India

PUBG Corporation had informed about the launch of PUBG Mobile India on 12 November. According to the company, this game is made entirely for India. The developers stated in their official statement that various aspects of the game would be customized for Indian gamers, such as the game being set in a virtual simulation training ground now, new characters starting on their own and the game’s virtual nature Green hit effect is being given to reflect. Apart from this, the company is going to offer a feature that will ban the gameplay time to promote healthy gameplay habits for young players.

Hope To Return To India Soon

In December last year, PUBG Corporation made two major announcements, after which there was an increased expectation of the game to return to India. Its parent company Crafton Inc has recently appointed Aneesh Arvind as the new country manager for India and is trying to send a message to people that PUBG Mobile India can be launched soon. Apart from this, some media reports have also claimed that Crafton Inc has appointed four more people to watch the launch of PUBG Mobile India. It is being said that these four people were part of Tencent.

The Game Will Be Launched Under The New Indian Subsidiary

PUBG Corporation’s parent company KRAFTON is going to invest $ 100 million in India to promote video games, eSports, entertainment, and the IT industry. Apart from this, the PUBG Mobile India game will be launched under the new Indian subsidiary.