Sound the klaxon, please: Ricky Gervais has only shared a significant After Life season 3 updates after Netflix affirmed the show will be returning. Before this season, Gervais ~who plays the main character Tony~ insisted that the next string is “the last one”. Building a third series means After Life is your first show actually in his career history he’s strayed out of his two seasons along with a special convention (The Office, Extras and Derek all released only both, and one special). Here’s everything we know about After Life season 3, from when it’ll be airing, to what to expect and much more.

What Happened In After Life Seasons 1 And 2?

The much-loved first season follows the main character Tony unable to deal with the loss of his wife Lisa (played with Kerry Godliman). You find the journalist, who previously had a passion for life, abandoning his ideology, living life without much respect for those around him. In other words, until his nearest and dearest stage an intervention.

Season two saw him lose his Dad, and was left on a cliffhanger with a question mark hanging over the possible connection between Tony and Emma (Ashley Jensen), the care home nurse who cared for his elderly dad in one.

When Was After Life Season 3 Confirmed?

Gervais first affirmed another season on Twitter in May, writing: “Because so many of you saw #AfterLife2 so quickly and left it Number 1, the nice folks at @Netflix have suggested I get off my fat arse and do another season. This is all your fault,” mirroring exactly the Tweet he posted to confirm Following Life season 2.

On September 28th, the actor revealed that he had finished the second draft of a script for the upcoming series.

Is There An After Life Season 3 Trailer Yet?

Regrettably not. But, Netflix did make a (heartbreaking) montage of all the saddest pieces of seasons one and two to tide us over, in the meantime.

When Will After Life Season 3 Air?

Judging by the actor’s script tweet shared on September 28th, filming on season three is yet to start. As soon as we’ve got news of this new date, we will tell you.

What About Potential After Life Season 3 Plot Lines?

Will Tony and Emma finally get together?

Can Tony shed his job in the paper since The Tambury Gazette faces impending shutdown?

Can Tony get over the loss of his spouse and Dad, and quit pushing those closest to him away?

We all know as well as you do – but we’re keeping everything crossed for a happy end for the journo.

Who Will Star In After Life Season 3?

Yet to be confirmed, but we are assuming the season will need to comprise Penelope Wilton as Anne alongside, of course, Ricky Gervais as Tony.

When Did After Life Season 2 Hit Screens?

After Life season 2 hit screens on 24th April 2020. The next season of this series started trending on Netflix the day that it was released, prompting Gervais to thank lovers on Twitter.

What Happened In After Life Season 2?

Tony fought with his mental wellbeing throughout the entire season, wrestling with the significance of going and the compassion his colleagues and friends continue to show him.

In addition, he mourns the loss of his Dad and continually asks people around him to leave him alone. Potential new love Emma appeared on his doorstop as the season wrapped, although it appeared that Tony was contemplating taking his own life – his saving grace?