The popular actor of the Riverdale series, KJ Apa, was working during the hiatus that the series had due to the coronavirus pandemic, for his participation in the new film that will be released in 2021, Songbird.

YouTube video

The popular actor Riverdale, KJ Apa, is right now in the production of season 5 of the program, which fans are eager to see.

But, long before starting production on Riverdale, actor KJ Apa was focused on producing a film in which he will be the lead actor, Songbird.

At the beginning of the month, the actor published on his Instagram account a video different from the official trailer, but with the same plot. Check out the video below.

This video has a duration of 2:48 minutes, unlike the official trailer that has 3:02 minutes, showing some scenes different from those of the official.

So far, the exact release date of the Songbird movie is not known, but what is known is the date of the Riverdale series, which will be for January 20, 2021.