silver iMac with Apple Magic Keyboard on white sufrace

Keeping different types of information and files saved on the computer is a practice many users follow. However, what happens if you lose the data from your device for various reasons like a virus attack, system crash, formatting, or other unknown reasons?

There is specific data recovery software available that users can try out to fix the issue. For crashed computer recovery, we recommend Wondershare Recoverit for fast and high-quality data restoration from almost all storage devices.

Read this post to learn more about why this software is a trustworthy option for you. 

What is Recoverit Mac Data Recovery?

With an easy-to-use interface, Wondershare Recoverit is one of the top-rated and widely used data recovery software for Windows and Mac users. With this software, deciding what types of media files and system files you will recover is simple. It deeply scans the device for all lost and even permanently deleted data and restores all efficiently. 

Expect zero data overwriting issues when working with Recoverit Data Recovery. In addition, it allows you to preview the recoverable files before the recovery process for better control for users over the recovery process. 

How to Conduct Data Recovery using Recoverit Mac Data Recovery?

There are different situations where you can use Recoverit to restore your lost files on Mac devices specification. To understand how it works, we will share two different cases. Read the steps for each situation. 

Case 1: How to Recover Data from Bootable M1/T2 Mac Hard Drive/Trash/HDD

Go through these steps for recovering data files of different types from a Bootable storage system in Mac devices. 

Step 1: Launch Recoverit 

Download and install Recoverit Mac Data Recovery on your Mac device. Then, launch the software. 

Step 2: Choose a folder to scan 

On the homepage, choose the specific section you will recover the files from. For example, click on the Start button for the Desktop tab on the homepage. 

choose the specific section

Step 3: Wait for the Scanning Process

Next, the software will start deep scanning the device for all the lost or deleted files. This process will take a few minutes to complete fully. If you are selecting specific files to restore and it is scanned already, you can click the Pause button and recover the file. 

software will start deep scanning

Step 4: Preview Files and Start the Recovery Process

Directly choose the multiple files you want to recover from your Mac device or click on singular files to see their preview. Finally, click on all files you will recover and press the Recover button, or tap the Recover button on the Preview page. 

tap on the recover button

Case 2: How to Recover Data from Non-bootable M1/T2 Mac 

When the Mac system is not booting, it is best to consult Apple Support officials. Some users might have to go directly to the Apple Store for support. Recoverit Mac Data Recovery can also help users access data from non-bootable Mac systems.

You must create a bootable USB drive first and choose the system to boot before the scanning process.

Step 1: Launch Recoverit software on a working computer.

Step 2: On the homepage, click on the System Crashed Computer tab.

click on the system crashed computer tab

Step 3: Insert a blank USB drive into the USB port present on your Mac device and tap on Start. Choose the USB name when it comes on the screen and tap on Start > In the next warning message that comes up, choose Format. 

tap on start

Step 5: Put the USB drive into the crashed Mac. Turn on the power and choose Option Key > Wondershare Recoverit Bootable Media Drive. 

Step 6: Select the files to copy and the final destination folder for the bootable drive after plugging in an external hard drive to your system. Then, press Start. 

Top Features of Wondershare Recoverit

Recoverit, as a professional data recovery software, offers users a wide range of benefits in terms of full-scale or partial data recovery. Specific features do stand out in this tool. Let’s read what they are here. 

1. Recover files from different storage devices

It is possible to recover files from different storage systems easily, including the in-built storage system in Windows and Mac devices, like iMac/Macbook, hard drive, SSD, etc. It also supports SSD systems that are running with the modern M1/T2 chipset, which is available in the newest Mac devices with advanced encryption protocols. 

2. Recover Videos with Repair support

If your video media files are damaged, it is possible to use this software to fix them during recovery. These include videos that are broken, truncated, or corrupted. Fix them easily with some simple steps and preview them before saving the final version.

3. Preview support during the recovery process

One of the best benefits of the data recovery process using Recoverit is the ability to preview all files in your system. You can directly click on the files you want to recover and check their preview after the scanning process is complete. Then, directly click on the Recover button to save the file if you are only recovering selective files.  

4. Data Filter

Users can quickly find lost data by choosing file types and formats or simply filtering by keywords. 


  • Fast selection and recovery process. 
  • Supports different types of storage devices, including SSDs with M1/T2 security chip integration. 
  • Choose multiple files to recover and restore in batches. 
  • Pause/Stop and Resume the scanning process midway with zero data damage. 


  • The ability to create bootable USB drives for recovering from crashed Mac devices is not available for free. 
  • Costly packages to get all of the advanced Recoverit functions. 


Overall, you can choose and directly restore multiple types of data using Recoverit on your Windows and Mac device. It is simple to select different types of data for the recovery process and preview them before recovering the files quickly. Also, you can prepare a bootable USB drive and recover your files from your crashed Mac devices with simple steps.