• Had the Corona epidemic not spread, Roman Reigns might not have been a villain in WWE.
  • Know what things would have been seen in the WWE if the corona had not spread?

The corona epidemic has impacted everything around the world and the billion-dollar company WWE is not untouched by this. If Corona had not spread across the world, then WWE fans would still be present at the arena during the show where they would cheer their favorite superstars while booing the heel superstars.

However, the Corona epidemic changed WWE and because of this, we have seen a lot of things in the WWE this year that were never seen before in the company. Along with this, new superstars got a chance to enter the limelight after the big superstars took a break from the company during this epidemic.

In this article, we are going to mention 5 things that WWE would have seen if the coronavirus did not exist.

5- Goldberg vs Roman Reigns match in WWE Wrestlemania main event

Roman Reigns was going to face Goldberg in the main event at WrestleMania 36, however, Roman Reigns withdrew from the match at the last moment after the Corona epidemic had spread. After this, Braun Strowman was included in the match against Goldberg in place of Roman at WrestleMania and in that match, he defeated Goldberg to become the new Universal Champion.

Had the Coronavirus not spread, he would not only have participated in Roman WrestleMania but would have won the match and become the new Universal Champion. With this, Roman Reigns would hardly have taken a break from the company if Corona had not spread and he would have been dominating the company even today as a babyface superstar.

4- NXT brand to be part of WWE Survivor Series 2020

NXT, which performed brilliantly in the WWE Survivor Series last year, was not part of PPV this year. Let me tell you, Vince McMahon decided not to make NXT a part of the Survivor Series this year to prevent the spread of Corona after some Corona cases were found at the Performance Center.

If the corona epidemic had not spread, NXT would have been part of the Survivor Series for the second consecutive year.

3- The Undertaker’s Farewell in WWE in front of the audience

In WWE Survivor Series 2020, The Undertaker took retirement among other legends. Although virtual fans were present at the Arena during this period, bidding farewell to Finom in front of a live audience would have done justice to his iconic career. However, due to the Corona epidemic, WWE could not hold this special moment in front of a live audience.

Had the corona epidemic not spread, it would have been even more emotional to see Finom retiring among live audiences. At the same time, Phenom’s farewell would become even more special among the fans’ loud chants.

2- Raw Underground may never be seen in WWE

With WWE having no choice during the Corona epidemic, the company was forced to organize the WWE Underground to make things interesting. Fans liked this new WWE concept but surprisingly it was decided to abruptly shut down Raw Underground.

If the Wrestling Observer Newsletter considered it, WWE decided to close Raw Underground to prevent the corona from spreading.

1- The OC would have been competing with Retribution and Hurt Business in WWE

WWE released several other superstars including Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson to cut their spending during the Corona epidemic, and Gallows and Anderson would still be part of the company today if the Corona epidemic had not spread. Also, these two superstars would have teamed up with AJ Styles as The OC in WWE with dangerous teams like Retribution and The Heart Business.

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