4 Best Applications for Android 2021 (Guide)


Did you know there are some apps that the Play-store/Appstore will never let you be around? You can spend any amount of time on these and still end up with an app so basic in function. Moreover, there could be good apps, but ninety-nine percent of the time, they demand an upgrade to premium. We found the one percent. Yes, we all demand higher productivity. Right? Now that you are here, let us start with our impressive list of the best apps of 2021. 

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4 Best Applications for Android 2021

Go supercharged with these top-loaded apps curated, and the world is in your phone. Muster along:

Google Find My Device

Find My Device by Google is one of the best utility that one might come around in 2021. The importance of devices and data has never been more critical. If you lose a device, be it any, if it had your google account on it. It can be traced. Moreover, it also allows you to lock the phone, personal details like contacts and photos. Find my device also allows us to delete the data stored if needed. 

GB WhatsApp

Whatsapp itself is amazing but is very restrictive. For instance, the size-limit of file sharing is the major issue. GB Whatsapp steps in to save us from all the constraints and maintains the same service level. A few amazing benefits of GB WhatsApp are listed below:

  • Send .apk files
  • Share files up to 50 MB
  • Up to 90 images can be shared in one click.
  • Broadcast messages reach a limit of 900 contacts.
  • Customize your own privacy 
  • Hide the double-tick even after its purpose
  • App icon can be changed. 
  • Save Profile pictures, status directly into your storage.

GB WhatsApp is a completely in-source tweak version of WhatsApp sharing the same server as Whatsapp. You can prioritize notifications, like if someone changes their Display profile or even when they come online.

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Always in turmoil to find what to watch on Netflix? We know the struggle is real, and so someone somewhere develops this app just to load more juice. Now, regarding Netflix, if there is some information, it is with you. Moreover, there is the option to activate push notifications, by which you can get a reminder of the list we made for our screen. Whatsonflix also provides a list of the series, movies, or shows which will soon be removed from the library. So, with Whatsonflix, it’s indisputable that the Netflix experience gets a touch of personalization. 


How delightful would it be to have our passwords all in one place? Okay, so now it is possible, introducing- Lastpass. And it is cloud-data storage, which for now is providing all its premium services for free. You can access all your passwords on any device of choice once you save them on Lastpass. Many additional features are there, like Easy web filling, secure notes, and a very specialized password-sharing utility. 


It’s only normal if we want to level up our game with technology. And it’s a hope that with this list of the best apps of 2021, we have helped you with your needs. If you have something awesome to add to this list then shoot it in the comment section below.