Yes, relax, there will be a second season of 30 coins. If you have already seen the end of the first installment (if not and you do not want to eat spoilers, ciao), we proceed to tell you everything we know about the next chapters of bestiality in the form of a series that Álex de la Iglesia has marked for HBO. Attention because substantial changes are coming in one of the most successful series on the platform, a super author production that has fascinated fans of the genre.

30 Coins Season 2: When Is It Released?

Because there are going to be a long wait. Álex de la Iglesia has confirmed to us that he already has the scripts very advanced, but we are still in the pre-production phase. If all goes as expected, the filming will take place in 2021, but the first season lasted for almost six months and the post-production phase is also long because there are a lot of special effects. So the approximate release date points to 2022.

30 Coins, Season 2: What’s Going To Happen?

Returning to our talk with the director, we can expect radical changes in the plots of the second season:

“The twists of the second season… Joe, that’s what I’m most proud of. Because it was difficult to continue after the first season, if you start with an earthquake, what do you do next? And the truth is that what is going to happen it’s quite unexpected. “

The first big news is the expected absence of Father Vergara, the character of Eduard Fernández, because in the last chapter he dies together with the antagonist of the series, Santoro (Manolo Solo) when he falls from the top of the Pedraza castle. De la Iglesia confirms the death of both characters, whom we see in one of the last shots of the series bleeding to death after being looted by acolytes of the Cainite sect. So, unless there is a resurrection, something not far-fetched in view of the tone of the series, they will no longer be part of the 30 coin plots.

What we have clearer is that those who will take the evil baton in the second season will be Merche (Macarena Gómez) and Lagrange (Francisco Reyes). The mayor’s wife and Santoro’s right-hand man flee Pedraza together with at least one of Judas’s coins. Alex de la Iglesia confirms it:

“The character who deserved to take the coin was clearly Merche. She is a character who has been suffering throughout the series, without fitting in, she is very ambitious and wants to leave the town, leave rural life, she wants to leave the series and work with Spielberg or in The next Alien with Ridley Scott. That silly husband makes everything difficult, until that handsome priest comes along and seduces her. Until that wonderful moment comes at the end where the coin is found. Which is actually the coin that has chosen her. “You are the right person to carry the weight of the coin in the next season.” The moment when Lagrange and her look at each other is another of my favorite scenes. “

With Merche turned into the terrible bad of the second season, it is easy to intuit who the good guys will be. Miguel Ángel Silvestre (Paco) has confirmed that he is looking forward to shooting the second part of the series, so the confrontation between the mayor and his wife seems epic.

What about the third vertex of the triangle? Elena, Megan Montaner’s character, is in limbo after suffering Merche’s attack, and in the last seconds of the first season, we saw Paco take her to the hospital apparently dead. But, unless there is a very crazy twist, it will survive and be the protagonist of the following chapters. Will he seek revenge against Merche? Will she try to get back that coin that also chose her in the first stage of the series?

And what will happen then with the devil, that elegant creation of the actor Cósimo Fusco? In the last scene of the first season, seeing that his plan is ruined by Vergara’s outburst of kindness, he looks at the sky as if challenging God, sits in front of one of the magic mirrors and changes shape before of getting lost in Times Square in New York. Anything can happen: will the action move to the United States and will the devil be embodied in that Asian man? Or will it return as we have seen it in the first season?

30 Coins Season 2: Where Will The Action Take Place?

In this section, we are going to play it because the truth is that there are no certainties. The first season played with two main spaces: on the one hand Pedraza and, on the other, an international conglomerate that went from Rome to Syria passing through Jerusalem. Taking into account that the last chapter ended with all the survivors fleeing that town of Segovia, it makes sense to think that the plot of the second season will take place in a completely different location. Macarena Gómez confessed that she would love to shoot outside, if possible in the Vatican, and it would not be surprising if the scriptwriters fulfill her wish.

30 Coins Season 2: What Other Actors Are Participating?

In addition to those already mentioned and the probable casualties of Eduard Fernández and Manolo Solo, we can almost assure that Pepon Nieto will continue in the second season as Sergeant Laguna. “I have not read any chapter of the second one yet, I only know more or less where it is going to be located. I am very intrigued and eager,” Pepón advanced, which also points to this change in location. In his last scene, he escapes from Pedraza with Antonio (Javier Bódalo), who also has many ballots to follow.

Those who have it more complicated are the two policemen played by Nuria González and Greta Fernández. In his race to save Elena, Paco shot both of them. The first was shot in the shoulder, which would leave its turn open, while the second did appear to die after being hit in the stomach. Total mystery in this regard.

30 Coins Season 2: How Many Seasons Remaining?

We return to the terrain of certainties. Álex de la Iglesia explained to us that he has written the base script for three seasons. We also know that HBO is very satisfied with the results of the series in Spain, and also has a really interesting international projection. So we’re going to have 30 coins for a while.