30 Coins season 2 is one of the fantastic spanish web TV series. Mystery and Horror are the genres of this web TV series. As well as, Alex de la Iglesia is the creator of this web TV series. Moreover, Alex de la Iglesia, Jorge, Guerricaechevarria are the writers of this web TV series. As well as, Roque Banos is the composer of this web TV series. Moreover, Pablo Rosso is the cinematography of this web TV series.

Domingo Gonzalez is the only person to edit this web TV series. Moreover, HBO Nordic AB and Pokeepsie Films are the production companies of this web TV series. As well as, HBO Europe is the only original network of this web TV series. So let us discuss the release date and all latest updates about this web TV series.

Cast And Character

There were so many actors in this web TV series and they are Eduard Fernandez as Padre Manuel Vergara, Megan Montaner as Elena, Miguel Angel Silverstre as Paco, Macarena Gomez as Merche, Pepon Nieto as Sargento lagunas, Manolo Solo as Cardinal Santoro, Cosimo Fusco as Angel,  Carmen Machi as Carmen, Paco Tous as Jesus, Secun de la Rosa as Martin, Javier Bodalo as Antonio, etc. so let us watch these characters on the On screen.


There were so many special episodes in this web TV series. The special episodes are Teleranas, Quija, El espejo, Recuerdos, El Doble, Guerra Santa, La Caja  de Cristal, sacrificio, etc, Moreover, many of the episodes keep more twist and turns among the people. As well as, there will be some twist in forthcoming episodes. So we may also expect some special episodes in the upcoming season.

Release Date

The first season was released on 29, November 2020. The second season will be released soon in the year  2021. yet, we have to wait for the confirmation date for this web TV series.


As well as, The filming were shot in Pedraza and Sepulveda and the Aldeadavila Dam. Moreover, this series was shot in many of the outdoor locations in Newyork, Jerusalem, Rome, Campo Real, Madrid.