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Besides helping hone your creativity, essay writing also comes with various mental health benefits. This activity may take a little time, but it will make you feel more positive afterward. So it’s worthwhile.

There are 11 mood-boosting benefits of essay writing from experts in the Last Minute Essay writing service that will motivate you to write more and more. What are they? You can check them out below.

1. Clearing Your Mind

Your mind is often filled with many unnecessary thoughts, causing unwanted hassle, which in turn brings about anxiety. Through essay writing, you can focus your mind on something you’re doing in reality. This activity will calm your busy mind, thus allowing it to slowly release its burden.

To put it simply, writing will clear your head of clutter. It lets you learn how to shift focus and get yourself out of the emotional traffic jam that bothers you and free your mind from the complexities that overwhelm it.

2. Helping You Practice Mindfulness

Writing is a great way to keep in touch with reality. A study by Cambridge University Press showed that expressive writing done between 15 to 20 minutes a day without playing down feelings could improve not only the writers’ mental health index but also their physical health index.

This kind of timed writing is called the “mindfulness approach,” which can be used to untangle your mind by focusing on things that are happening at a given moment.

This mindfulness practice is intended to help commit your concentration to a single thing while forgetting about negative thoughts that flood your head. Regular repetition of this practice will help you better understand your behavior and actions.

3. Enabling Anxiety Management

Writing an essay is an effective step you can take to help manage anxiety. By writing, you can monitor where your thoughts and emotions are wandering and manage your feelings more wisely. This method can be adopted as a self-help exercise to help you map your way towards an anxiety-free life.

4. Relieving Stress

According to a study conducted by the American Psychological Association, writing can help reduce stress by eliminating negative and disturbing thoughts. The study reported that writing about negative experiences is a great way to deal with the trauma caused by them.

5. Overcoming Depression

Writing is a powerful technique one can use to combat depression. How could that be? Because through the words you put in your writing space, you can identify and eliminate the negative thoughts that wreck your mood.

Writing can make any emotions feel under control. When your mind is filled with negative thoughts, converting them to words will help you neutralize them, thus making the thoughts feel less intimidating.

There was a study involving 20 people with serious depressive disorder in 2013. Its participants were asked to write about their past emotional events and how they felt about them. They did it for 20 minutes over three consecutive days. The result was they experienced decreased levels of depression. This positive impact remained even after a month.

6. Keeping Your Mind Healthy

If you’re active in sports because you want to stay physically fit, it makes you feel healthier, doesn’t it? Essay writing has the same effect on your mind as exercise on your body.

It clears your mind of junk and fills it with positivity, thus keeping it in shape. Every time you write an essay, you’re actually training your mind to come up with brilliant ideas and present them in a clear written form.

7. Helping You Develop Positive Self-Talk

Among the things that damage your mood the most is negative self-talk. How can you turn it around? Well, as you probably know, it’s not so easy to defeat your self-critical voice. Any attempt to refute it often results in a chronic depression instead.

The solution is, again, to turn your attention to an activity that requires focus, such as essay writing. By writing diligently, you don’t need to force your mind to change because it will naturally bring up positive self-talk as a result of the activation of your brain’s creativity.

8. Giving You a New Perspective

When you think about all the problems in life, you’re more likely to get struck by depression. It makes you start to believe that your life is going into darkness forever.

However, when you write an essay about one of your life problems, your mind begins to work in a different, more positive way. All of a sudden, you become more focused on the possibility of things getting better.

You start to see yourself stepping forward and making progress towards improving your life. Essay writing can help you gain a new perspective, allowing you to see things from an entirely different angle. The moment you get inspired with choices and solutions, you will find it easier to elevate your mood and find happiness.

9. Enhancing Your Thinking Ability

Essay writing requires you to organize ideas properly. Your word must be conveyed in a convincing way. When you write regularly, you actually learn to control your mind. It helps you streamline your thoughts and express any ideas in your mind effectively. Research has found that writing can improve all of the brain’s executive function skills.

10. Organizing Your Thoughts

Your mind is often full of random thoughts that are rarely connected to one another. It’s very chaotic, although sometimes you can feel calm about it.

By writing, you’re not giving your mind time to process the messy clouds in it since you’re actively using it to focus. In this process, you learn how to control and maximize the performance of your mind.

With this kind of ability, you can extinguish negative thoughts before it spirals out of control. You can start honing your positive thinking skills as well.

11. Rewarding You With Great Satisfaction

If you don’t know what it feels like to finish a good essay, you’re missing out on great delight. Try it yourself; after all the time and effort you’ve put into perfecting your paper, you will suddenly feel awesome, and your mood goes up quickly.

It really makes you happy. What’s more, with a compelled essay, you will affect not only yourself but also others who read your writing. In the end, you will be met with a deep feeling of accomplishment.


When it comes to boosting your mood, essay writing is undoubtedly one of the best solutions you can use. Anytime you want to do it, you can start right away. Then you will feel the various benefits mentioned above that will make you feel brighter than ever.