Gaming is undoubtedly a way of breaking free from the hustle and bustle of life for many people. And there are 30-plus video game genres you can try your hand on.

From simulation and strategies to RPGs, action, and sports, there’s a game genre to suit the taste and preference of every gamer.

So, what are the top video game categories you can play in 2023 and beyond?

Here is a curated list of the types of dominant video games in the gaming space.

1. Fast-Pace Table Games

Who doesn’t love the exciting and nerve-wracking thrill of playing fast-paced games like roulette, poker, blackjack, and slots?

Casino games have existed for as long as we can remember. And new games are constantly being created, keeping gamers interested and on their toes.

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Remember to stake what you can afford to lose to avoid cursing this thrilling video game genre.

2. Sports Games

The sports games genre is perhaps the most popular video game category, thanks to the huge fanbase surrounding the actual sports.

Common sports games are football, basketball, tennis, cricket, hockey, and baseball. And you play your favorite team or players against other gamers or artificial intelligence.

The FIFA series has the highest demand in the sports games category—it’s available in 18 languages and features the best players in newer series.

3. Action and Adventure Games

Action and adventure games give you a non-stop adrenaline experience as you navigate real-time challenges and harness your skills.

You can play in either first or third-person, keeping an eye on solving puzzles in action-packed missions.

Whether Fortnight, Assassins Creed, Prince of Persia, Guardians of the Galaxy, or God of War, these games offer action-packed entertainment and high-quality graphics and performance.

4. Real-Time Strategy Games

Real-time strategy games allow you to pioneer a civilization, building it from inception to its final form.

Or you can choose the turn-based challenges and develop and apply meticulous strategies to overcome the threats between you and victory.

If you can anticipate a challenge and act quickly to claim victory, try a hand at Warcraft, Age of Empires, or Warhammer.

5. Role-Playing Games (RPGs)

Want to become a character in another world? Try the Role-Playing Games.

In RPGs, you take on the role of a fictional character in an imaginary world where the protagonist exists, evolving through a series of complex environments and interactions.

Famous titles under this category include Dungeons & Dragons, Elden Ring, Fallout, and the Legend of Zelda.

6. Simulation Games

Simulation games mimic our real-life activities, like building a city, farming, or running a business.

Sim games can make you creative—imagine undertaking a Pc building project from scratch, farming on vast lands using modern technology, or navigating the airways as a first-time pilot.

Sim games taking the world by storm include Microsoft Flight Simulator, Dr. Driving, Parking 3D, SimCity, Football Manager, and PC Building Simulator.

7. Fighting Games

Are you looking to take on one or multiple opponents and showcase your blocking, grappling, and counter-attacking skills? Fighting games are the perfect fit.

Fighting games are a copycat of UFC, WWE, and other global fighting tournaments and are popular among individuals aspiring to become fighters or who love to watch fights.

Common fighting game titles include Swords Fight, WWE, UFC, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, and Tekken.

8. Shooter Games

Shooter games are available in either first-person or third-person. This genre lets you pick your favorite cannon and reduce your enemies to a pulp.

First-person shooter games (FPS) are immersive and unfold from the player’s perspective. FPS allows you to put your skills, tactics, and reflexes to test and fight for fame and glory in titles like Apex Legends, Call of Duty, and Counter-strike.

Third-person shooter games give you an edge over your enemies—you can see every move your enemies make on the battlefield from the on-screen avatar.

9. Racing Games

While racing games can be a sub-genre of sports or simulation games, they’re stand-alone.

Speed, graphics, and exemplary sound effects make racing games ideal for players looking to outrun their competition and cross the finish line first.

Common racing titles include Forza Horizon, Need for Speed, Ridge Racer Unbounded, Real Bike Racing, and Super Mario Kart.

10. Puzzle Games

Not into shooting, racing, sports, or fighting? Get your brain to work and solve some puzzles, mate!

Puzzle Games require you to reason and analyze the problem before attempting to solve it. And if you fail to crack the puzzle, you can use in-game help.

The puzzle can be wordplay, shapes, or logic-based. Popular titles in this genre include Tetris, Portal 2, The Witness, and the Myst Series.

Last Word on Gaming: Play All You Can

The video gaming landscape constantly evolves, and more seamless games are being developed. And no matter your taste and preference, you’ll find a gaming genre that will take you by storm. Hopefully, you can start with the game categories we’ve listed here—epic, fun, and relaxing!