A configuration question.
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Posted By:   evyatar_shoresh
Posted On:   Thursday, September 12, 2002 04:36 AM

Hello all,

I've been testing the latest evaluation version(3.2.0).

My main chalange is huje traffic, my problem is that when i transffer samll messages( 1.5 - 2 k), i get really great results, but when transffering larger messages (10 - 30k) the performnace becames terrible. Does anyone knows any configuration cahnges i can make to improve it????

My JMS model is as follow:

1) non persistent.

2) non transacted

3) to summerise it :"no bulshit, just give it to me as fast as you can" :-)


Re: A configuration question.

Posted By:   Andreas_Mueller  
Posted On:   Thursday, September 12, 2002 05:18 AM

You might create a connection factory for large messages below your JMS listener:

Then use "largemsgs" when you lookup the connection factory via JNDI instead of "QueueConnectionFactory". The value of "4" respects the default network buffer size of 128 KB if your messages have a size of 30 KB. In that case, max 4 messages are transfered as a bulk between client/router. When using 10 KB messages you may set both values to "11" or create another connection factory "mediummsgs" which you lookup then.
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