jbuilder7 about running a single class question!
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Posted By:   huang_harrison
Posted On:   Tuesday, September 3, 2002 12:46 AM

as a new user of jbuilder7 , i am so annoyed by its inconsistence with its former edition jbuilder6. How can i run a single runnable class without compiling my whole project? u know, in 6 ,it can run a class without knowing the context!

And i don't like to use the testsuite which would build a new class just for test a method .

pls tell me some instruction ,thx in advance

Re: jbuilder7 about running a single class question!

Posted By:   Laurent_Mihalkovic  
Posted On:   Thursday, September 5, 2002 02:08 AM

hmmm... what you see as inconsistance, i see as more flexible design... project > properties > run select the target you want, then edit, then change the "build target" to none. do it for "run" and "debug"... then you are all set. no more complete recompile before executing a class. You can also make these changes on the default project property page.


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