How to fix the NameService ip in VisiBroker for Java ?
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Posted By:   Joao_Machado
Posted On:   Wednesday, July 3, 2002 01:50 PM

I want to connect to a nameservice that is running inside VisiBroker for Java (in fact Borland Applicatrion Server). I have a Visual Basic Client that conects to it using corbaloc string (and it's working well !!). But corbaloc string needs the port information about where is the NameService and every time that my server needs a restart this port changes. Anybody knows how to fix the port of the NamingService (or any other CORBA object running in VisiBroker) ?

Thanks in advance

Re: How to fix the NameService ip in VisiBroker for Java ?

Posted By:   Chockalingam_Anbalagan  
Posted On:   Wednesday, August 7, 2002 01:31 PM

Generally for the local host, you must give the location as -Dvbroker.agent.enableLocator=false -DORBInitRef=NameService=iioploc://localhost:9999/NameService
for starting the server.
(9999 would be the port # for NameService, where server registers its objects)

For starting Nameservice in diff port (user defined), start the NameService as

"tnameserv -ORBInitialPort 9999"

You can specify your own port # (9999)

You can also configure the port # thru property file (say ns.properties)


While starting the NameService, use the following.

nameserv -config ns.properties

Hope this helps.

Let me know if you find any difficulties.

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