IntellijIDEA and Ant
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Posted By:   Aaron_Wallace
Posted On:   Wednesday, June 19, 2002 04:11 PM

I can't get Intellij to recognize my environment variables with Ant.
I've set environment properly, but the ant script doesn't resolve the
variable, i.e.

the property ${home.dir} just evaluates to ${sys.HOME_DIR}.

This script works fine when invoked from the command line.

Any ideas?


Re: IntellijIDEA and Ant

Posted By:   Stanislav_Davydov  
Posted On:   Thursday, June 20, 2002 11:08 AM

I’ve tested listed script in IDEA 2.6 and it has worked well.

May be your system environment hasn’t such variable as "HOME_DIR"?

Best regards,
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