how to send a very large file
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Posted By:   danial_lu
Posted On:   Thursday, March 21, 2002 07:52 PM

for example,I want to send a file,which is 100M,the byte[] can not store such large file,how can I do?

Re: how to send a very large file

Posted By:   Manny_Celi  
Posted On:   Thursday, March 21, 2002 08:24 PM

What App. Server are you using?
All I can tell you at this time, as I don't have enough information of what you are doing, or what your 100M is made of, is:

1. We are using WebLogic 6.1

2. We are sending big messages that are composed of data plus images.

3. Each image is about 50K.

4. We are using P2P

What we have done is break the messages in manageable chunks before we send them. The images are stored in a Byte array. What is the frequency of your messages?

If you are sending many messages at one time, you will kill the server. For one, the "garbage collection" time may exceed the time needed to reallocate memory for the next message.

You really have to provide more information to get a feel for what you are doing, and help you out.
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