How do I force the applet to use cashed jar files?
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Posted By:   eishay_smith
Posted On:   Tuesday, March 12, 2002 05:16 AM


I have an applet that use a big load of jar files.

How do I get the applet not to download the jar files each time the applet is loaded?

i.e. use the cashed jar files.

Thenx in advance.

Re: How do I force the applet to use cashed jar files?

Posted By:   Thomas_SMETS  
Posted On:   Tuesday, April 16, 2002 04:42 PM

I believe that the fact that the browser downloads it each time means the jar has not been cached ...

Maybe indicating what the browser does & what version you have should help us. Please verify your settings (with IE) in "Tools" --> "Internet Options"
In the General tab verify that you don't empty the cache each time (History duration)

In the mean time you can give a look at this


Please note that you posted your question in the JUnit forum !

Thomas SMETS,

SCJP, Brussels
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