Debug EJBs in Jbuilder5
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Posted By:   java_rine
Posted On:   Friday, January 11, 2002 01:46 AM


Can anyone enlighten me on how i can debug my EJBs in the Jbuilder5 environment? I'm using Borland Appserver 4.5.1 as my application server. I tried to run my BAS in debug mode (by pressing the "Debug Project" tab on my toolbar) and then i ran my EJB test client in debug mode too ( by right-clicking it and choosing "debug" ). When i tried to step into one of the functions in my EJB from the testclient, it jumped into my EJB's stub code instead of into my EJB code. Is this supposed to be the way?I want it to jump into my EJB code so that i know where the the error is...how do i do this?

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