problem with the command "verifycap"
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Posted By:   hicham_jabri
Posted On:   Monday, December 24, 2001 01:16 AM

hi everyone:
before talkin about this command, i wanna say that the jcwde is listenin for T=0 Apdu's on TCP/IP port 9à025 in the fist window.
and when i use the command "c:java_card_kit-2_1_2samples>veifycap srccomsunjavacardsampleswalletwallet.opt classescomsunjavacardsampleswalletjavacardwalletcap"
in the 2nd window is gives me the message:" error while reading the file srccomsunjavacardsampleswalletwallet.opt:
the component header is needed
the verfication is finished with 1 error and 0 warning"
can somebody help me in this problem ?
thank u ...

Re: problem with the command "verifycap"

Posted By:   Joseph_Smith  
Posted On:   Monday, January 7, 2002 07:58 PM

verifyCap should be executed against .CAP files not .opt files. OPT files are config files that you use with the converter command. ( converter -config wallet.opt ).
The converter for wallet.opt will generate a .jca, .cap, and .exp file. Then you execute the verifyCap against the .cap file
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