Problems with JMF2.1.1 installation. Please help.
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Posted By:   DM_DM
Posted On:   Wednesday, December 12, 2001 11:34 PM


I am trying to install JMF2.1.1 for Windows. Everything is OK but at the end of installation process it says Updating batch files. Updating goes for too long. I guess that even more then 5-6 hours. I am afraid that something wrong. Is it OK? For how long installing goes? Do I have to be more patient.


Re: Problems with JMF2.1.1 installation. Please help.

Posted By:   Reza_Nazarian  
Posted On:   Thursday, December 13, 2001 04:59 PM

Hi. The installation should last for some minutes! There must be something wrong. Try to de-install and re-install the jdk and other programs, which got an association with java files. Delete all classpath entries from the autoexec.bat. Try to install jmf, again. Hope it works. Reza.
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