Java Mail - Undelivered Mails
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Posted By:   jan_madsen
Posted On:   Wednesday, November 21, 2001 03:23 AM

I am developing an application that needs to send out at least 150 mails a day. I am using JavaMail API for this purpose. My query is How can one keep track of emails that have not been send either due to wrong address, mail server down etc . Replies on this would be appreciated.



Re: Java Mail - Undelivered Mails

Posted By:   john_brookes  
Posted On:   Sunday, November 25, 2001 03:14 PM

One way - You will get a bounced email sent back to your return address and put in your inbox directory. You have to then invoke the part of javamail that deals with POP (or IMAP) such as the store, to read the bounced and THEN tokenize to look for bounce keywords and THEN make an entry in a database...

If you know of an easier way, let me know...John
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