Soap attahcment in Apache-soap rpc
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Posted By:   Anupriya_Shrimali
Posted On:   Tuesday, November 6, 2001 08:51 AM

How can i send a attachment to apache server ?? I'm using apache-soap server with rpc. In Rpc approach server can't see the envelope then how server will know that client has sent a attachment.

Re: Soap attahcment in Apache-soap rpc

Posted By:   bharani_iyer  
Posted On:   Tuesday, November 6, 2001 09:05 AM

Hi anupriya,

I don't know if i have got your question correctly. But i would still it give it a shot based on my understanding.

The RPCRouterServlet is only a soap dispatcher which receives the soap-requests, instantiates the corresponding server code module and passes the arguments demarshalled from the input.

On the client side when the SOAP client assembles the parameters, one of them could specify the client details in addition to the attachment that is to be transmitted.



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