Images in JSP on Tomcat 3.2
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Posted By:   Aejaz_Sheriff
Posted On:   Saturday, August 4, 2001 02:57 PM

I have this problem with images in a JSP file in Tomcat. When the page gets loaded I get an error like -

2001-08-04 10:43:35 - Ctx( /bop ): IOException in: R( /bop + /images/title.gif + null) Connection aborted by peer: sockeror

The image tag is a relative path from the JSP source file, like "../images/pic.gif" .

But the image gets displayed. This error is only on the console. Any idea why this happens?

Re: Images in JSP on Tomcat 3.2

Posted By:   Mathias_Neuhaus  
Posted On:   Monday, August 6, 2001 07:56 AM

Nothing to worry about!

The browser (or may be a caching proxy) thought it over and decided he doesn't need the image any more.

"Connection aborted by peer" (peer is the browser (or proxy)).

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