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Posted By:   Henry_Ibekwe
Posted On:   Friday, May 25, 2001 05:35 AM

I keep trying to sign jar files with the javakey utility and I keep getting an "Error parsing issuer.cert number".Please give me a lucid tutorial on using the javakey tool.Is there a specific number format which the issuer.cert number must follow?

Re: On using javakey

Posted By:   John_Mitchell  
Posted On:   Saturday, June 16, 2001 07:27 PM

(A) Are you stuck using javakey because you're using Java v1.1.x and can't upgrade to a more recent version of Java? The newer versions of Java have dumped the javakey tool and now use the keytool utility program.

(B) Check out the -l (that's the letter ell) and -ld options to javakey tool to list the existing database entries.

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