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Posted By:   Laila_Bahgat
Posted On:   Sunday, May 13, 2001 10:59 AM

Hi All, I have imported an existing project to eclipse and there are lots of "cannot be resolved to a type" in the JSPs. The object references exists in the included file of in the global reference. How do I resolve these errors. Some of the examples of these error are: - Iterator cannot be resolved to a type - ArrayList cannot be resolved to a type - List cannot be resolved to a type - Collection is a raw type. References to generic type Collection<E> should be parameterized. I know the imports already exists in parent page, included page or in global reference. But some how eclipse is not able to resolve these reference. The environment details are   More>>

My project requires that the user of the application views and interacts

with a full sketch of the plant of a specific industrial process (that
includes basins, pipes, valves etc.) In short the user should be able to

configure the plant according to his present case. For example when the
user clicks on a valve to open it, air bubbles should be seen in a
specific basin and vice versa.

Drawing the sketch on the screen is not the problem. What I am concerned

about is how to handle the user mouse click events & repainting the
sketch the easiest way possible. What I am thinking about is how can I
work around the need to write my own classes to draw the process.
Instead I want to directly use box-like components to represent
rectangular basins, circular like components to represent valves etc. &
then put the necessary code for updating the sketch in the event

I'll very much appreciate any links or information from someone who had
a similar experience.

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