Using the xylayout with JDK1.3
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Posted By:   Brian_Schraeder
Posted On:   Friday, May 11, 2001 11:20 AM

I used the xylayout to place componenets on a frame for an application. When I try to compile and run the program using the jdk1.3 it gives me errors when trying to locate the classes for the xylayout. How could i run my program from the jdk and not from JBuilder every time. I created a jar file for that application but i still get the same thing.

Re: Using the xylayout with JDK1.3

Posted By:   Jochen_Vogele  
Posted On:   Tuesday, May 15, 2001 05:29 AM

The XYLayout is a layout-manager from JBuilder (Borland) and not in the standard-API.
It is not recommanded to use the xylayout for a final version of an application which should run properly on any plattform.
Look at the JBuilder-Helpfiles to convert your Layout to a gridbag-layout.

If you still want to use the xy-layout you have to add the borland xylayout class-files to your classpath or to your jar-file (you can find the classpath in the import statement of your sourcefile)


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