Netbeans IDE on Linux: The fonts are awful and I have True!_NEWLINE_!Type fonts installed!
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Posted By:   Andrew_Cartine
Posted On:   Tuesday, April 17, 2001 02:07 PM

Hi. I use the NetBeans IDE on Windows, and liked it. So now I use it on Linux too...except it's impossible to read!

When i first tried to browse the web on Linux, the fonts were unreadable. So I went and got all the TrueType fonts, set it up...and now the web looks pretty good. (with a little weirdness)

But Netbeans still looks awful. I read a post where this guy said "You can install TrueType if you really want, but you can also just use this font.properties file."

I used his file, and now Netbeans looks even worse!

Any ideas?

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