JDBC - AS400 v4r4
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Posted By:   ouafae_mchichi
Posted On:   Saturday, July 1, 2006 05:30 PM

I work on an application j2ee and i use RAD "rational application developer" as tool of developpement like eclipse. I try to access on the base DB2 under iseries v4r4 via the pilot Java "jt400.jar" of client access for windows(v4r4). [com.ibm.as400.access. AS400JDBCDriver].The connection is succeeded but the shéma of data base is not generate in the data perpective. The error message shows me that It is impossible to read the catalog. is the driver not compatible with RAD? can you help me. thanks

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Re: JDBC - AS400 v4r4

Posted By:   David_Thornton  
Posted On:   Sunday, July 2, 2006 08:23 PM

The AS/400 JDBC driver V4R4 is a JDBC 2.0 compliant driver so I don't believe the problem is that it is not compatible with "RAD". The fact that the schema of the database "is not generated in the data perspective" and that there is an error message "impossible to read the catalog" may have more to do with how the database tables were created on the AS/400. Do you know if these tables are in a standard library or a collection? If they are not in a collection then the catalog views will not have been created.
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