problem with my internet
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Posted By:   Arpit_Gandhi
Posted On:   Friday, October 28, 2005 05:39 PM

see i got Belkin router and adapter for my family PC
it was fast since last week
it started getting slow. its not the cable i checked it without the router. So i think some1 is stealing from me
but see i want to figure out who is, i mean what is he doing and if he is downloading or not and block them by MAC address forver. so PLZ tell m how to do it. I dont wan the put the 128 bit eky cuz then my wireless internet get so slow i cant even surf. SO plz help ASAP

Re: problem with my internet

Posted By:   Simon_Ablett  
Posted On:   Monday, October 31, 2005 05:07 PM


1. check the DHCP list on your router and see what machines are listed.

2. if you cannot see anything suspicious, and especially if you can, reboot the router

3. turn off the broadcast of your SSID

4. turn on WEP (or preferably, if supported by your router and cards WPA) encryption; this should not noticeably slow down your network.

5. make sure you have an adminsitrative password set (one that is not easily guessable)

6. you might also check the signal strength of all of your machines (walls, metal bars, microwaves, mobile phones etc can affect transmission)

7. are you using a phone through the same socket? if so do you have a microfilter in place to prevent cross pollution of voice and data?

8. if your modem and router are two seperate devices there may be a compatability issue. For example, I once had problems using a DLink modem with a Belkin router. When I swapped either of the devices the problem went away.

9. DHCP could be an issue. If you switch machines on and off frequently (and uncleanly) you can sometimes end up with the same IP address allocated to more than one machine.

If none of the above work you might have a faulty device.

Finally, one additional point, and this is very important....whilst the title of this forum is 'networking' it actually relates specifically to Java networking issues. For problems such as yours you may be better using a proper network oriented forum. Use google to find one.

Hope that you solve your problem.

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