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Posted By:   marc_fran
Posted On:   Monday, February 14, 2005 09:00 AM

Hello !i have a problem with the use of apache soap. i try to send a request ona servlet and have as answer an object. when i try my web service itworks on the serveur i'm able to do the toString on the object justbefore sending it (it's a vector of vector) but when i have it on theclient i'm not able to cast it from object to Vector ... i really don'tknow whyin my deploymentdescriptor i have described how mapvector.class,object.class ....what do u think about ?is it normal that just before sending it the program know that it's avector (by getclass cmd) and after having done the getvalue on theparameter from response i obtain a Object.class ... plz help me :):)Marc

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