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Posted By:   Jerry_Hui
Posted On:   Tuesday, January 20, 2004 03:45 PM

I am new to Linux. Excuse me for being lazy not doing more research before putting up this question. This is because I am afraid the answer could be tricky.

Suppose I have already setup four partitions totalling 40 gb in my hard disk. These four partitions comprise 2 Windows OSesinstalled in 2 partitions for dual booting, and 2 other partitions for data.

Because my hard disk has a total capacity of 60 gb. Can I install Linux with the remaining 20 gb area? If not, does it mean I have to re-assign one of my existing four partitions for Linux. How do I select to boot in Linux. I want to evaluate Java codes under Linux environment.

Many thanks.

Re: Include Linux in multiple boot

Posted By:   Elvin_Ebora  
Posted On:   Thursday, February 26, 2004 05:09 PM

Yes, you can install linux on the remaining hard disk space assuming you haven't formatted it. Just leave it as it is then run the linux installer, linux will automatically detect the remaining partitions. Upon installation, linux will ask you where would you like to install linux, you're a newbie so I suggest you choose the automatic configuration for the partitions. Default configuration will do just fine so you go on with the installation process. Then regarding including linux in multiple boot, linux will also ask you what bootloader you would like to use. For redhat, they have lilo and ooopss..i forgot the other one..sorry for that..but lilo will do just fine. Upon bootup lilo will display a graphical screen on your boot options. Choose linux and your off to see the penguin..Goodluck! c",?
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