How to create a dll
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Posted By:   Tummy_Boy
Posted On:   Thursday, August 21, 2003 03:38 AM


I am an newbie and I wanted to know how to create a dll in java on windows platform. any links or document would be appriciated.

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Re: How to create a dll

Posted By:   Thomas_Hackel  
Posted On:   Thursday, August 21, 2003 07:39 AM

Sorry, for this complain but: TRY TO GOOGLE! READ A BOOK!

Learn what Java is and for what Java is designed.

Java is an platform independent language which relies on a platform dependent part, the Java Virtual Machine.
A DLL is a Windows ONLY concept.

If you want a DLL, so don't take Java. Maybe there are some Tools which allow JavaClasses to be a native DLL, but then you have done a WRONG DESIGN decision and you should STOP working with Java in this project. Use some Windows only stuff (.Net/C#,VC++,VB,Delphi) instead.
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