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Posted By:   Patrick_Geary
Posted On:   Saturday, April 26, 2003 04:26 AM


I really need help. I am really stuck for a college project. I am developing a fantasy football application but have very little knowledge of Java. I am rapidly approaching my deadline. I need a class to add points to a team and deduct points from a team. I have a database which stores all the info. The results table has 3 field:- win,lose,draw. All the teams in the "win" field must receive 5 points. All the teams in the "draw" field must receive 2 points, and all teams in the "lose" field must be deducted 2 points. I really am in need of help and would be very grateful for any received.


Re: code---help

Posted By:   Alexander_Grossert  
Posted On:   Monday, July 21, 2003 01:59 AM

I don't really have the time to write the code for you completely. But here is a link that really should help you:


But if you have any concrete questions to Java and JDBC while writing your code put a request in here. I'll try to help.

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