convert key from .cer to .pem
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Posted By:   yanxia_shi
Posted On:   Thursday, October 24, 2002 01:47 PM

how to convert a key from .cer format to .pem format

Re: convert key from .cer to .pem

Posted By:   srinivas_gajula  
Posted On:   Friday, January 24, 2003 02:41 AM

Download OPENSSL for windows/unix.

Unzip the zip file downloaded

go to openssl --> ssl --> bin directory

execute command "OPENSSL"

after that execute this command.

X509 -inform [format of file to be converted either PEM or DER] -in [filename of file to be converted with extention ]
-out [filename of file to be outputted with ext]

eg: x509 -inform DER -in abc.cer -out abc.pem

For converting .pem to .cer or .der

x509 -inform PEM -in abc.pem -out abc.der

x509 -inform PEM -in abc.pem -out abc.cer

If you want OPENSSL windows version i can send through mail

My mail id is srinivasgajul@lgsoftindia.com

Srinivas Gajula
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