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Can i mix and match SOAP Servers and SOAP Clients developed using toolkits from different vendors? What are the problems/Issues? Isn't this why SOAP was developed in the first place?

Are there articles that can get me started on using Microsoft's implementation of SOAP?

Are there other FAQ's on SOAP?

Are there any articles that provide an introduction to Web Services?

What Toolkits are available for SOAP?

Where can i read up about the history/evolution of SOAP?

What books are available for SOAP?

Where can i find a list of publicly accessible web services available using SOAP?

Are there some articles that i can help me jumpstart my Java based SOAP project?

Where can i find Open Source Java implementations for SOAP?

Where can i find information on Microsoft's implementation of SOAP for Windows platforms?

What is SOAP?

How do I read data from a stream as it arrives in Xerces (SAX2) using XMLReader? It does not have a setReaderFactory method.

Where can I learn (more) about Java Servlets?

Where can I learn (more) about Java Serialization?

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