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Is any method in Java which can create the Doctype parameter in the XML document, that is to produce !DOCTYPE Response SYSTEM "MyResponse.dtd"> ?

I have two XML documents and want to combine them into one single document. How do I go about doing this?

Where can I find the latest SOAP specification?

Are there any SOAP-specific FAQs available?

Are there any mailing lists where one can learn more about SOAP?

Where can I get a Java version of SOAP?

What is SOAP used for?

What does SOAP stand for?

We are getting the inputs using HTML forms (mostly text box). The validations (like not empty) are done using Java Script. After the successful validation we have to generate XML document by using Java script and the same will be passed to EJB via JSP.

Is it possible with XSLT?

Where can I get basic information about XML? Are there any good tutorials?

How can I convert XML file to PostScript?

How can an XML document like this be created with the JAXP API?

How can I "serialize" Swing user interfaces as XML documents?

What is the best way to convert HTML to XML, separating the content(data) from presentation in HTML? Are there any Java API's that we can make use of?

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