Struts:Calling a Action Class from another Action class

James Page

You can easily forward between actions by specifiying the action as another forward in the struts configuration file:

<action path="/actions/firstAction" 
  <forward name="success" 
  <forward name="failure" 

<action path="/actions/secondAction" 
  <forward name="success" page="/pages/businessPage.jsp"/>

Alternatively, you can create an ActionForward object on the fly so that you could redirect the user to a protected URL request that has been stored in the session prior to going throught security.

This can be combined quite neatly with the standard security mechanism provided with Servlet/JSP applications - does depend a bit on which application server/web server vendor you are using! I think that the standard identifier in the request is 'j_target_url' - you could use the value of this session attribute to create an ActionForward in your SecurityAction class and forward the user to the original URL they requested - note that you will also have to authenticate the user with the web container as well!



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