I'm using jboss(2.4.1) +tomcat(3.2.3). I need to share the same directory structure of jsp's for different applications (I have deployed the jsp's as they are not in a war).

Dan Waldner

Ok, lets see (to the best of my knowledge)

1. The context paths you wrote down, if properly entered in server.xml, will create two iterations of the files located in /path/WebSites. One will be labelled /app1 and /app2, which are two seperate entities. The only problem with this, however, is the fact that the files are linked together a.k.a. you change one of the files, both sites change.

2. If you're really good with Java, you can download the source to Tomcat and actually customize it to use a property file to look for the web.xml. As for how to do it in the binary release of Tomcat, I don't believe there is a way (however, I'm not sure on this).

3. If the libraries are common to more than one application, they should be stored in the lib directory of tomcat (ie. %TOMCAT_HOME%/lib). This will load the libraries so that they are common to all the applications.