When I use the and then recompile "myclass", the JSP document doesn't seem to understand that there is now a new class. Instead, it continues to use the old object that has already been loaded within the servletcontext. How can I avoid this?

Mobushir Hingorjo



If you are creating the beans with session or application scope, JSWDK and its successor Tomcat, do not recognize if the bean class has changed in the background. This is true even if the JSP page gets recompiled and reloaded into memory. Ideally, with these servers, you would have to stop and start the engine for it to understand that you have a new class.

With J2SDKEE1.2, you must redeploy the web component that contains your bean. Unfortunately, this has to be done by using the deploytool, which is somewhat tedious. However, I suppose there must be an easier manual way of doing this as well.